Alpha Centauri Mining SA (ACM) is a Gabon based mining company. The company is majorly owned by Dubai and London based investors.

ACM were awarded 3 semi industrial gold exploitaton permits in Moyen-Ogooue region in September 2016, Namely: Mboumi East, Mboumi Centre and Mboumi South.

ACM has finished with exploration for placer gold in Mboumi East permit (49 sq. km). It is currently operating in Mboumi East Permit using 2 MSI trommels and 2 washing plants. Moreover, ACM carries on the final mining exploration in Mboumi centre and Mboumi South permits. ACM is also exploring for Primary gold deposit in above permits and has been able to discover free milling gold.

Mboumi East concession, having an area of around 50 sq km, is located around 170 km southeast of Libreville city, 2 km east of Ndjole town in Moyen-Ogooue province and on the eastern bank of Ogooue River. The concession area is well accessible from Libreville by a highway and the production and exploration sites are accessible from Ndjole town. Geologically, the Mboumi East concession falls on a Greenstone belt comprising of meta-sedimentary formations of Ndjole Supergroup belonging to Paleo-Proterozoic (2.5 to 1.6 Ga) age. The area has an ideal geological set-up for a gold deposit similar to some large gold deposits of the world and various occurrences/mineralisation of gold have been reported at the area. Since 1973, the concession area has attracted various internationally renowned agencies. Several types of regional level surveys have been done such as geological mapping, soil sampling, rock chip sampling, airborne magnetic survey etc and those surveys have given good results. ACM started its operation at Mboumi East concession in 2016 and has started carrying out detailed surveys to explore secondary as well as primary gold deposits such as detailed geological mapping, mapping of secondary gold resources covering the whole concession. So far, zones having secondary gold mineralisations have been identified in various areas and ACM has also started mining and washing. Presently, exploration is going on to find out more secondary gold zones as well as primary gold deposits.

  • ACM chose to invest in Gabon due to it’s sustained political stability, huge untapped and unexplored mineral resource base.
  • Republic’s vision of encouraging investments in mining sector and most importantly gold being one of the key priority for economy’s diversification.
  • Some facts are as: With mining accounting for 6.3% of GDP and 6% of exports in 2012, according to the African Development Bank, there is potential for growth.
  • The government hopes to quadruple the sector’s economic contribution by 2025 as part of the Industrial Gabon development plan.
  • The Ministry of Mines of Gabon estimates that a mere 30% of the country has been fully explored, a low figure in light of the vast mineral wealth of some of the country’s southern neighbours.
  • The main priority of government is to encourage more exploration, given that only 30% of Gabon’s territory has currently been explored.
  • In the long term some 60-70% of the country to be covered, which will require more work by the government in terms of estimating reserves.

Members Of Board

Anand Krishna Bajla

(Managing Director)

Anshum Khandelwal

(Chief Operating Officer )

Anand Krishna Bajla is one of the founders of Alpha Centauri Mining SA . He is commerce Graduate from the Mumbai University. He has extensive experience in development of mining assets & Liaising with Government bodies to acquire new projects, project approvals & agreements. He takes care of the day to day running of the Company.  Anshum Khandelwal is one of the founders of Alpha Centauri Mining SA. He holds an Economic Honours degree from University of Manchester. Anshum’s past experiences consist of constructions.
  • Heading exploration as a consultant
  • Auditor for all exploration activities
  • Designing of the processing circuit
  • Geological survey and gold resource estimation;
  • Technical and economic feasibility study
  • Environmental and social impact assessment.
Société équatoriale des mines (SEM) Gabon
Madden Steel Inc. MSI Gold Mining Equipment
Tractafric Dealer for CAT Machinery
Ernst & Young Auditors
BGFI  Bank
UGB  Bank
SGS  Sample Assay and Processing Test

ACM has been doing gold exploration in Mboumi East since last quarter of 2016. ACM hired Geo-guide, a local geological consulting firm based at Libreville. Geoguide carried out exploratory surveys at the concession area to find out alluvial gold deposits and also to carry out surveys for primary gold deposits.

During 2016-17, regional scale surveys at the concession area were carried out in the following  phases, mainly targeting the secondary alluvial gold.

  • Reconnaissance Geological Mapping
  • Pitting, soil and stream sediment sampling in 200m X 200m, panning of soils and weight analysis of the free gold flakes
  • Resource estimation of Gold based on the weight analysis data.
  • Reporting


Based on the studies above, a few areas having alluvial gold deposits along the major river beds and on the river terraces, were identified.

In 2017, ACM engaged Geovale Services Private Limited, an Indian geological consultancy firm based in Kolkata, to provide guidance to exploration and mining team of ACM in various ways to carry out exploration at Mboumi East Concession.

In collaboration with Geovale and Geo-guide, following exploratory surveys were carried out at Mboumi East concession in 2017.

  • Field due diligence, technical audit and review of previous near surface exploration studies carried out at the concession by Geo-guide
  • A systematic regional scale geological mapping in 1:12,500 scale and sampling program. Traversing in an E-W grid spacing of 400m was done to collect lithological and structural data wherever possible and rock samples were collected for geochemistry and microscopic study. Based on the data collected a geological map has been created and a detailed report was prepared with the analysis of the data collected.

In 2018, ACM technical team has found some areas having potentials for primary gold deposits and need to be explored in detail.

In 2018, ACM hired further structural geologist who carried out the following work:

  • Review of all the geological, geochemical and geophysical data resulted from the previous exploration carried out by various agencies at Mboumi area since 1973.
  • Field visit to the area potential for primary gold, mapping of the quartz veins and associated lithounits.
  • Proposal for trenching and sampling program at various geochemical anomaly areas to see the subsurface lithologies and sampling. Trenching program is being done by ACM at the moment.


Free Milling Gold found in ACM

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